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The conference will take place in Erice (Italy) from June 25th 2022 until June 29th 2022 at the Villa San Giovanni complex, previously a clerical summer residence but now used for conferences and cultural manifestations. The medieval town of Erice in Sicily is situated at the top of a mountain overlooking the City of Trapani.

This meeting will bring together old and new friends to discuss the state of the art, methods and current challenges in computer simulations, as well as reflect on the past, present and future of the field. The meeting will enable scientists from different generations to meet in an atmosphere that combines excellence and open discussions and will pave the way for new scientific advances and collaborations.

The conference is a special event on the occasion of Prof Michael Klein’s 80th birthday to highlight the vitality and future perspectives of the field, starting from his numerous important and remarkable contributions to chemistry, biophysics, materials science, and, in particular, computer simulation.

Carmen Domene, Mauro Ferrario and Giovanni Ciccotti
ing Committee

COVID protocols: Masks might still be mandatory for some indoor spaces. FFP2 masks are still mandatory on public transports.